What to Expect

front entrance family vision care center

At Family Vision Care Center, we strive to remain true to our philosophy of comprehensive eye-health care. We are not a "move them in--move them out" office. Patients spend the bulk of their examination time with the Doctor - not with a technician.

The doctors advocate "lifestyle dispensing" which enables them to understand each patient’s specific demands on their individual vision system.

Computer users will have different requirements of their vision system than stay-at-home moms. Patients engaged in athletic activities need to be informed about the options in sports eye wear and children will be tested at near range, where most learning occurs. All patients need careful medical histories taken and thorough examination of their lens, retina and intraocular pressures. Additionally, we check for eye teaming and tracking ability; are the eyes working together to fuse a single image? Critical skills that are completely separate from the eye health of the organ itself and often overlooked in a 'five-minute-eye-exam'.