Ortho-K and Kids

OrthoK Kids
The number of kids that are becoming myopic (nearsighted) has been growing rapidly over the last 25 years and is expected to fully impair 50% of the world’s population by the year 2020. This rapid increase is due in part to children spending more time studying, reading and using the computer rather than playing outdoors.  The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) now views progressive myopia as an epidemic.

Increasing myopia causes poor vision.  More importantly, it can lead to sight threatening conditions like retinal detachments and glaucoma.  The earlier children exhibit myopia, the more likely they will progress to dangerously high levels.

Studies have shown that Ortho-K lenses can slow myopia.  Numerous published studies have documented that children wearing Ortho-K lenses experience little to no myopic progression during treatment.  To learn more visit www.myopiaprevention.org.

Kids are great candidates for Ortho-K with the support of their parents.  They are highly motivated and learn how to care for their lenses quickly, even children as young as seven.  The lenses are placed on the eyes at bedtime.  The mild lens sensation disappears as the eyes close for sleep.  They wake up in the morning, remove their lenses and have great vision all day.